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Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Where it all starts. A Discipleship Training School is all about learning what it means to be a  disciple of God, hearing his voice, walking out your calling, and using your passions to make a difference. It is a 6-month live-learn program taking place here in the heart of where the Biblical narrative took place. 

Just as for any DTS around the world, the first 3 months are what we call our “lecture phase” where we focus on knowing God and discovering what it means to be a disciple. It consists of weekly lectures on faith-related topics such as the Character and Nature of God, Hearing God’s Voice,Identity and Lordship. We grow in community, through a live-learn environment, serving one another and those around us. We worship, pray, eat, laugh and learn as we grow together in our faith.

Specific to each DTS are the next 3 months where we are going on cross-cultural outreaches that will focus on serving people.

From running health classes to serving in churches, drinking tea in people’s homes and engaging in community development projects, each DTS serves the nations  through their own unique passions and service.

Classic DTS (English/Arabic)

Y Amman – Sep 24

Set in the bustling heart of Jordan’s capital city,

Silk Road DTS (English/Arabic/Mandarin)

Y Arabella – Oct 24

Pioneered in 2023, this DTS has a vision to see an open door for believers of all nations to serve in the Middle East. Jordan was once a cultural hub for exotic markets and distant news as trade caravans arrived. These original routes for the gospel are being opened once more.

Come and join a multi-ethnic missional community that will shine the light of Jesus far and wide.

Training in Intercultural Studies (TIS)

If you are thinking about living long term in the Middle East, this is a foundational program for understanding and thriving in the region long term.

The Training for Intercultural Studies (TIS) is a three month school that is focused on equipping you to interact with the local  community. You will learn about language and cultural acquisition, how to work in teams, understanding the culture and worldview of your people group and how to stay healthy, long term on the field. During the school you are immersed in the buzzing city life of Amman and exposed to a variety of ways to serve its people. 

You get to hear from well experienced teachers from the region and apply what you are learning in the moment as well as discovering your vision for the future. If you are interested in long term work in the Middle East – this is the school for you.

After the TIS you can do a two year internship helping you grow further and applying what you have learnt.

TIS (English/Arabic)

Y Amman – Apr 24

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