Y Amman

Home to 4 million residents, Amman is the vibrant capital city of Jordan.

Y Amman has served Jordan and the surrounding countries with training and equipping people for over four decades. What started as only a few people has grown into a thriving community of Arabs and internationals serving and loving the over 4 million people that the city hosts.

From the more traditional neighbourhoods to the modern sky-scrapers of the Boulevard, Amman is the place where the rich history of the Bible meets the international influence of this day. This provides Y Amman with endless opportunities to innovate and connect with people from all backgrounds and in all spheres of society.


Over the years Y Amman have seen various initiatives to impact the city and equip those who come in short term and long term capacities. We are the home community for many of our teams and we love to function as a united, yet very diverse family where each person, skill, initiative and passion finds a place.


Recently we have been working on becoming a training hub to not only impact Amman, but the Middle East, as well. Jordan is one of the few countries in the region that has been able to consistently run training programs and we are excited to see how we can be used to further the work.


Our vision is to be a Y community that provides opportunity for individuals and families to impact the city, and to be trained, developed and launched in obedience to build God’s Kingdom in Jordan and the Arab World.

Come and join our

Amman Ministry Opportunities

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English Center

The English Center has become a unique place for locals and foreigners to come together to learn from one another for many years. Locals, immigrants and refugees may come to learn English, but they stay because it is a place where barriers are broken, friendships are made and hope is restored.


Accelerate is a language and culture acquisition team with a training track to prepare you for long term work among the people in the region. Participants study Arabic full time but also meet weekly to prepare for transformational work in the community. This includes training on how to reach locals with life-changing truth, how to impact unengaged cities and see good news planted and multiplying in hearts and homes.